Entrepreneurial Intensity in the Corporate Sector in Oman: The Elusive Search Creativity and Innovation

  •  Tahseen Arshi A    


Entrepreneurial firms are attributed with the key characteristic of creativity and innovation which is one of the most intriguing competency that has generated substantial interest of academicians and practitioners and have received considerable attention in the literature. Creativity and innovation have been elevated to this pedestal by the virtue of its ability to enable firms to achieve the necessary competitive advantage in today’s chaotic market place. Ironically creativity and innovation is an elusive commodity and many firms particularly of the larger species struggle to display this competency. This study investigated the dimensions that promote or impede the concentration of creativity and innovation, measured through entrepreneurial intensity in the corporate sector in Oman. Data was collected from four participating organizations from four different sectors through a questionnaire survey. The findings indicate that 52% of the relationships between organizational characteristics and creativity and innovation are explained by entrepreneurial architecture dimensions. At the same time 55% of the relationships between organizational climate and creativity and innovation are explained by entrepreneurial frequency dimensions. Finally 43% of the relationships between macro economic conditions and creativity and innovation are explained by entrepreneurial degree dimensions. Further a general linear model explains 56% of the relationship between entrepreneurial architecture and entrepreneurial intensity dimensions (EF and ED). The findings are quite conclusive indicating that there is a strong relationship between organizational characteristics, organizational climate, macro environmental conditions and creativity and innovation.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.