Examining the Entrepreneurship Sprit Condition among the Students of West Universities of Iran

  •  Hossein Mehdi Zadeh    
  •  Seidmehdi Veiseh    
  •  Farideh Kamari    
  •  Hamideh Shekari    


This survey was aimed to examine the job-making morale condition among the students of west universities of Iran. The population was composed of 445 students of universities such as medical schools, Azad universities, State universities and open universities (from Ilam, Kermanshah, Hamedan, Lorestan and Kurdistan). The samples were randomly selected. The gathered data was analyzed by use of SPSS software. Due to the results, the degree of job-making morale and its elements was high and the degree of functionality was low. There was also a meaningful difference between the job-making morale of males and job-making morale of females. Finally, there was a meaningful difference between the job-making morale of various groups of students based on the kind of available universities.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.