Reviewing the Effectiveness of Entrepreneurial Courses Held in East-Azarbaijan Province - Case Study: Azarbaijan Charkh-Nilufari Institution, Tabriz

  •  Kamran Pashayi Fakhri    
  •  Mahdiyeh Koopahi    
  •  Peyman Ghanimat    
  •  Sanaz Behnia    


The aim of this study is to investigate the effectiveness of held entrepreneurship courses at Azarbaijan Charkh-Nilufari Institution (Iran). Statistical society of this research is trainees of entrepreneurship course at Azarbaijan Charkh-Nilufari Institution (Iran) that have passed this entrepreneurship course at Azarbaijan Charkh-Nilufari Institution in 1389. Total number of statistical society of this research is 800 trainees that considering to importance of this research, all members of society were selected in this study. Tools of data collection are observation, interview and four questionnaires of researcher that have been developed by researchers. Amount of reliability that were calculated for entrepreneurship questionnaire, creativity, risk-taking and pragmatism was obtained 0/91, 0/88, 0/89, 0/86. Statistical method that used in this study is paired t-test (dependent). This research is included four hypothesis. Results of this research showed that there are differences between the mean scores of entrepreneurship, creativity, risk-taking and pragmatism of trainees before and after the implementation of course.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.