Medium Sized High Tech International Acquisitions: A Longitudinal Perspective (1990-2011)

  •  Olivier Meier    
  •  Jean-Yves Saulquin    
  •  Guillaume Schier    


This article examines the various forms and strategical options that are found and employed when merging companies of any size with medium-sized technological companies, with a view to understanding what outcomes are involved. This research paper is based on a sample consisting of 5 738 mergers and acquisitions transactions in the high-tech sector, particularly those involving innovative companies with technological interests. The aim of this research is to show how these strategic manoeuvres operate, using a multi-criteria analysis chart that includes the size of the company, the level of participation, the nature of diversification, the duration of transactions and value ratios. In this way, the research will help to provide better understanding of the characteristics of these technological merger acquisition operations, creating a typology of operations and manoeuvres and correcting some of the beliefs commonly held.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.