Assessment of Property Management Service Quality of Purpose Built Office Buildings

  •  Zarita Baharum    
  •  Abdul Nawawi    
  •  Zainal Saat    


Service quality has many benefits including achieving and sustaining a competitive advantage as determinant of business success and failure and as a barometer of corporate performance. In the service industry like the property management, quality and perception of quality is essential. Thus, the need to deliver quality service is imperative in order to retain tenants as services is the criteria upon which clients, customers and users of real estate product and services differentiate one organization from another. The purpose of the study discussed in this paper is to develop PropertyQual, a service quality instrument for property management profession and to contribute to research that analyses the relationship between expectations and perceptions of service quality. It also aims to use a gap analysis based model to measure tenants’ perceptions of service quality in the property management of purpose built office buildings in Malaysia. This study utilizes a combination of quantitative and qualitative approach to research which allow triangulation of the findings and also enable the use of one method to inform the other, reveal paradox or contradictions, and extend the breadth of inquiry. The Cronbach alpha and CFA analysis confirmed that PropertyQual is a robust instrument to measure service quality in the property management services. The current findings do provide some important insights of understanding the variables that contribute to service quality and tenants satisfaction of property management services. This research has added to the base of knowledge regarding the assessment of service quality and tenant satisfaction in property management services and highlights areas for future research.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.