Auditing Human Resources as a Method to Evaluate the Efficiency of Human Resources Functions and to Control Quality Check on HR Activities

  •  Osama Shaban    


Human Resources Audit, measures of human resource outputs and effectiveness under the given circumstances and the degree of utilization of human resource outputs. It gives feedback about the HR functions to operating managers and HR specialists. It also provides feedback about how well managers are meeting their HR duties. In short, the audit is an overall quality control check on HR activities in a division or company and an evaluation of how these activities support the organization's strategy. Evaluation of an HR function is useful to justify the existence of the department and the expenses incurred on it. If the department fails to contribute to the company’s bottom line, it has no reason to function. The current study aims to evaluate the efficiency of human resources functions and to control quality check on HR Activities through human resource auditing. The scope of the study will cover areas such as; human resource functions, managerial compliance, and human resource climate. The study concluded that audit can be used as a measure to evaluate the personnel activities, climate, and compliance of an organization's policies.

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