Gaining Competitive Advantage through Marketing Strategies in Container Terminal: A Case Study on Shahid Rajaee Port in Iran

  •  Hossein Cheraghi    
  •  Alireza Abdolhosseini Khaligh    
  •  Abbass Naderi    
  •  Alireza Miremadi    


Shahid Rajaee port complex at Bandar Abbas is the country’s principal gateway for containerized cargo. It has emerged as a leading regional commercial center and a world class business environment. It has now become the logical place to do business in the Middle East, providing investors with a unique value added platform. Ports have a significant role in today’s networked business environment. They are being regarded as hubs that are part of various logistics systems. The very essence of seaport is to link maritime networks and land network. These networks for the port are means of analyzing its competitiveness. The objective of this study is to find out the main factors which impact on competitiveness of container port in Shaied Rajaee. Port and enable it to suggest and apply the profound marketing strategy to get the huge load in this port. Based on our findings by employing the factor analysis is to reveal the vital competitiveness of the port. It reveal that  that port strategy and policy, port logistics, hinterland condition, availability, shipping maritime service, port Regional center, shipping agreement and port service and connectivity are determining factors in the shahid Rajee port in Iran.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.