Testing Control, Innovation and Enjoy as External Variables to the Technology Acceptance Model in a North American French Banking Environment

  •  Jean-Pierre Lévy Mangin    
  •  Normand Bourgault    
  •  Juan Antonio Moriano León    
  •  Mario Martínez Guerrero    


Nowadays banks are enhancing major objectives to challenge competition, competitiveness and growth. To comply with these new objectives they have developed new innovative channels of contacts and distribution of financial services to customers relying on the net: ‘the Internet channel’. Based on the ‘Technology Acceptance Model’ this research will evaluate the impact of external latent variables ‘Control’, ‘Innovation’ and ‘Enjoy’ on the internal TAM model latent variables ‘Ease of Use’, ‘Perceived Usefulness’, ‘Attitude towards Using’ and ‘Intention to Use’ in a North American French Banking Environment. Results show a well structured model for on-line banking financial services that complies pretty well with all major criteria of structural equation modeling norms. The ‘Control’ latent variable has a significant effect on the TAM model latent variables ‘Ease of Use and ‘Attitude towards Using’ while ‘Innovation’ has a sole impact on ‘Intention to Use’. The ‘Enjoy’ latent variable has substantial impacts on ‘Ease of Use’, ‘Attitude towards Using’ and ‘Intention to Use’.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.