An Investigation on the Relationship between Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction: In the Case of CCG CO.

  •  Ali Dehghan    
  •  Bahman Zenouzi    
  •  Amir Albadvi    


Nowadays almost all organizations are realizing the significance of customer centered philosophies. One of the key challenges they are facing is how to manage service quality, which holds a great importance to customer satisfaction. The purpose of this investigation has been to gain a better understanding those of the service quality dimensions that affect customer satisfaction from customers’ perspective. Some service quality dimensions have been tested in CCG CO operations and its relationship with customers in order to explore the relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction. A qualitative approach has been considered for the research. The empirical data has been gathered through in dept interviews. Data analysis has been done in accordance with the research questions and literature review. Finally, conclusions have been derived by answering the research questions. Some of the services qualities dimensions have been addressed in this investigation include reliability, responsiveness, tangibles, empathy, and assurance, and logistic/technical support, fulfillment, pricing and courtesy. SERVQUAL as the most often used approach for, measuring service quality has been to compare customers' expectations before a service encounter and their perceptions of the actual service delivered. The results imply that the quality performance of dimensions have a strong impact on customer satisfaction. Also, price, speed of installation and speed of delivery have been found as new dimensions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.