Mediterranean Diet and Cereals’ Consumption in Greece (1957-2005)

  •  Ioannis Sotiropoulos    


An attempt is made in this paper to describe the development of dietary consumption of cereals and bread in Greece during the period 1957 - 2005. Greece is a typical example and the cradle of global food culture known as the "Mediterranean diet". This dietary culture has experienced huge changes and has declined, in the period 1950 - 2005. Certain foods which are important (because of their long tradition) for the “Mediterranean diet” like “bread, flour, cereals” have suffered a serious decline in overall food intake and significant changes in characteristics. These changes involve the internal structure of cereal consumption where is also observed the decline of Mediterranean features and "globalization - westernization" of alimentary standards. All dimensions of alimentary consumption patterns of cereals and bread are examined here with a specific focus on socio-economic attributes of these patterns of consumption.

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