Assessing Knowledge Sharing Behaviour among Employees in SMEs: An Empirical Study

  •  Syed Shah Alam    
  •  Zaini Abdullah    
  •  Noormala Amir Ishak    
  •  Zahariah Mohd. Zain    


The purpose of this study is to present and tests the key factors of knowledge sharing behavior of employees in the SMEs in Malaysia. A survey was designed and interview conducted with employees in the manufacturing companies from Melaka and Johor states. Survey questions designed from the literature to examine employee perceptions of all variables were identified. Data from 305 respondents were used to validate the measures and test our research model. The results of the study show that reward system, culture, trust and technology are the four key factors which influencing the knowledge sharing behavior in the firms. Finally, the recommendation for HR executives are discussed in this research may help the firms in guiding their efforts to build knowledge based firms in Malasia.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.