Intranet Redesign and Change Management: Perspectives on Usability

  •  Des Flanagana    
  •  Thomas Acton    
  •  Michael Campiona    
  •  Seamus Hilla    
  •  Murray Scotta    


As intranet implementations of enabling structures for internal electronic business communication increases, research is needed to provide an insight into the factors affecting a successful intranet design (Tang 2000).  Using a case study involving a large multinational IT organisation, this paper studies changes made to the user interface design of a large multinational organisation’s intranet and examines how that intranet’s usability has been affected by these changes from both the managerial and employee end-user perspectives.  The paper presents both a background on intranet design, its links to the design of web-based systems, and intranet-focussed usability issues.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.