Body Language of Sellers and Its Impact on Customer Loyalty

  •  Ahmed R. Al-Owaidi    
  •  Özgür Çengel    


The goal of this study was to ascertain, from the perspective of a sample of shoppers at significant commercial shopping centers in the city of Babylon, Iraq, the effects of sellers' body language, as expressed by its five dimensions (body posture, smile, physical appearance, eye contact, and personal space), on customer loyalty. The study data was collected using a questionnaire and an analytical method known as descriptive analysis was employed to achieve the study's goals. The study sample received 60 electronic surveys via social networking sites, 50 of which were suitable for statistical analysis, then utilizing the statistical program (SPSS), a number of statistical tests were used to assess the data. According to the study's findings, there is a favorable correlation between the five components of body language and customer loyalty. The results also showed that there are no statistical. differences in customer loyalty due to demographic factors (gender and educational level) and the presence of fundamental differences depending on the age factor. The researcher finally Providing a number of recommendations to researchers on the one hand regarding future studies and to commercial center owners on the other hand to gain customer loyalty and retain them.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.