The Governance of Non-Contractual Business Relationships: Which Social Algorithm

  •  Chafai Mouaad    
  •  Slimani Assia    
  •  Najati Issam    


In the "business world, there is no business relationship without trust". However, the stability of non-contractual business interaction is not based on "blind" trust. On the contrary, it requires interpersonal trust based on a sociocultural rationality." Therefore, the latter should be explored and analyzed.

Thus, as a case study, the phenomenon of non-contractual business exchange relationships of the informal transport of goods in Morocco is governed by "social algorithms" based on interpersonal trust, in which virtues such as (Niya[1], Lkelma[2], Lmakoul[3] etc.) create a model exchange practices based on cultural ethics and moral value.


[1] Intention

[2] Word of honor

[3] Honest

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