Choosing a Mobile Wallet: Motives and Attitudes of Saudi Consumers toward the Adoption of Apple Pay

  •  Najah Salamah    


Purpose: The mobile payment system is widely used globally. However, this notion is not shared by all consumers in Saudi Arabia, and there is still prevailed prejudice or lack of trust among consumers towards using this unorthodox method of paying. Which raises the question of: What are the reasons that are hindering towards usage of mobile wallet method such as ‘Apple pay’ in Saudi Consumers. This study aims to find motives and attitudes of the Saudi consumers toward the adoption of Apple pay. Methodology: A correlation study design was adopted to answer the research question using a meta-UTAUT method. The study recruited 315 participants through social media to fulfil the questionnaire. Cronbach’s Alpha test was done to test the reliability of the test. Findings: This study resulted that performance expectancy, effort expectancy, personal innovativeness, trust and anxiety factors influences the attitude of Saudi customers towards adapting Apple pay method (p value > 0.05). Whereas, attitude affects behavioral intentions. Furthermore, performance expectancy and grievance redressal affect user behavior (p value > 0.05). Alternatively, social influence and behavioral condition has no significant relationship with behavioral intentions (p value < 0.05). Similarly, performance expectation is also not influencing user behavior (p value < 0.05). In conclusion, these factors will help the marketers and the manufacturers to understand the user demands of Saudi customers and its attention will ultimately help the consumers. Originality: This study will help understand the perception and attitude of Saudi consumers toward the adoption of Apple pay.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.