Influence of Advergames on Brand Outcomes and Cross-Cultural Consumer Behaviour

  •  Alaa hanbazazah    
  •  Carlton Reeve    
  •  Mohammad Abuljadail    


People of different cultures have different ideas, values ​​and morals, and the activities in which they engage reflect their backgrounds. The present study followed a quantitative cross-sectional design. It compared two aspects of advergames player’s behaviours in the UK and Saudi Arabia: cross-cultural consumer behaviour and brand outcomes. A questionnaire was completed by 482 participants selected by convenience sampling, and Pearson correlation coefficients were calculated. The results show that advergames generate brand exposure and awareness when the user experience is positive, which creates a positive association between the game, player and brand. Brand performance also depends on the gamer’s attitude, purchases and level of experience, and gamers from different cultures have different perceptions of the advertising messages delivered during an advergame.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.