Co-production: Strategic Lever for Dehospitalization and Redefinition of Organizational Structures in Healthcare

  •  Alessandra Savino    
  •  Giuliano Marolla    
  •  Angelo Rosa    


Objective - The explosion of the covid-19 pandemic has led to the need for all world governments to redefine the way in which they provide health services. This is particularly true for Italy, as the hospital-centric emergency response model adopted in the first pandemic wave to contain and combat the health crisis and to treat affected patients proved ineffective. The purpose of this work is to highlight how the model of co-production, based on the enhancement of territorial services and 3T strategy (Tracing, Testing e Treating), may be the most appropriate paradigm to address the emergency.

Methodology - Through an in-depth analysis of co-production model emerging from the scientific literature, we highlight the critical success and enabling factors that make the model applicable in healthcare in the Covid-19 emergency context and the advantages of the paradigm.

Findings - The nature of the emergency could incentivize citizens to spontaneously participate in co-production activities, provided a favorable social and legislative context. Co-production could allow to implement the 3T strategy effectively and efficiently.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.