The Relationship Among Entrepreneurship Tendency, Income Level and Life Satisfaction of Future Business People: Generation Z

  •  Funda Kılıç    


The aim of the study to examine the relation among entrepreneurship tendency, income level and life satisfaction of future business people generation Z. The research was conducted on 215 business administration faculty students of a private university in Istanbul. Questionnaire application was used as research data collection method. The survey response rate of faculty students is 72%. For life satisfaction Diener, Emmons, Larsen and Griffin (1985) developed a single sub-dimension scale was used. Life satisfaction scale consists of 5 propositions. Caird (2013)’s scale named shortly Get2Test (General measure of Enterprising Tendency test) was used with 54 items in order to measure entrepreneur tendency. As a result of the factor analysis, the entrepreneurship tendency variable was divided into three sub-dimensions: the need for achievement, creativity and risk taking. The results show that those three factors explain the %60.65 of the total variance. For three factors’ subscales Cronbach’s alpha analysis show that three factors’ subscales have reliabilities higher than ,70 which indicated high internal consistency. The factor analysis of life satisfaction shows that the rate of explanatory is 62,45% and Cronbach's alpha value is 0.72. As a result of analysis, the relationship between the two variables, was tested and accepted by regression and correlation analysis. There is a positive relationship between entrepreneurship tendency and life satisfaction, in other words, as individuals' tendencies towards entrepreneurship increase, their life satisfaction also increases. There are differences based on ANOVA test analysis in the entrepreneurial tendency and need for achievement of the Z generation according to the income level. Individuals with lower income levels have higher entrepreneurial tendencies and needs for achievement.

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