Motivational Strategies of Retail Company during Work from Home

  •  Maribeth Padura    
  •  Manuel Hernandez    
  •  Nickie Boy Manalo    


According to the management scholars Richard Kreitchner and Carlene Cassidy, “the term motivation, refers to a physiological process that gives behavior purpose and direction”. It is thought that if an employee is motivated, they will be usually content with his employment, and since they will be happy, they will be able to provide their best effort and contribution to the task at hand. However, there are numerous sorts of motivation for everyone, and it is unlikely that every individual in the firm or in that particular area will be motivated in the same way. Employee Motivation Is defined as the Power That Propels Employees toward Achieving the Organization's Unique Goals and objectives. As the covid-19 epidemic affects our country, the goal of this study is to examine motivating elements that might influence employee performance while working from home. The respondents were chosen using standard random sampling procedures. The data was collected from 46 administrative personnel. The researcher studied several motivating elements and investigated how employee demographics such as age, gender, position, department, marital status, and housing situation may affect their degree of job satisfaction in this research study.

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