Analysis of Government Support, Network Adaptability and Online Sales Adoption Behavior of Fruit Farmers: Based on the Survey Data of Gannong

  •  Jie Han    
  •  Qinglan Zheng    
  •  Huimin Qu    
  •  Jinyong Guo    


Online sales are an important part of agricultural product sales channels under the background of rural revitalization in the new era. Online sales play an active role in invigorating the agricultural product market, solving the problem of connecting small production with big market and promoting farmers' income, agricultural efficiency and rural welfare. Based on the field survey data of 511 fruit farmers in Jiangxi Province, this paper empirically analyzes the influence of government support and network adaptability on online sales behavior of fruit farmers by using binary Logistic model. The results show that the government's implementation of operating subsidies, preferential taxes and fees and technical training are helpful for fruit farmers to adopt online sales; Network adaptability can significantly positively affect online sales of fruit farmers, and at the same time, there is a positive adjustment between government support and online sales behavior of fruit farmers; By implementing various support measures, the government helps to improve the adaptability of fruit farmers' network, and further has a significant positive impact on fruit farmers' adoption of online sales behavior. The results provide theoretical basis for the relationship among government support, network adaptability and online sales of fruit farmers, and provide practical enlightenment for the government and fruit farmers.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.