The Future Prospect of Digital Marketing in the Malaysian Context

  •  Mandy Mok Kim Man    
  •  Lim Rui Yang    


Under the globalization trend, digital marketing is part of the digitalization practices in the business world. Many organisations, companies and firms have practised digital marketing in their businesses, to start, explore or expand their markets. Digital marketing enables companies to achieve marketing objectives with digital technologies. In the advanced countries, such as US, UK, Japan, Australia, Singapore, etc., many organizations and industrial practitioners have implemented digital marketing practises that have changed from brick and mortar to online business channels. Like other forms of marketing channels, digital marketing has its benefits and pitfalls. This paper discusses the threats and opportunities, problems and challenges faced when promoting and expanding digital types of business and digital marketing in Malaysia, such as education, government policies, public awareness and users’ data protection. This paper shed some light on the importance and development of digital marketing in the Malaysian context and, the discussion outcomes raise further awareness and attention of companies to implement digital marketing in their business activities.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.