Assessing the Effect of Integration in Logistics Sector on Economic Growth: Evidence from Sultanate of Oman

  •  Ali Mohsin Salim Ba Awain    
  •  Mohd Dan Jantan    
  •  Inda Sukati    


Logistics has been recognized as an important weapon for competitive advantage to boost economic growth. This paper examines the integration in the logistics sector that may result in increasing the economic growth. The study is also considering the role of government policy on the relationship between the factors of integration and the economic growth. The finding of this study shows that there is positive effect of: (1) Infrastructure on economic growth, (2) productivity on economic growth, (3) competiveness on economic growth, (4) Technological Advancement on economic growth. This study also found that (5) The Relationship between infrastructure, productivity, competiveness, technological advancement on economic growth moderated by government policies.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.