Diversifiable and Non-diversifiable Risk and the Advanced Choice under Ambiguous or Uncertain Conditions

  •  M.J. Alhabeeb    


The objective of this paper is to revisit the concepts of diversifiable and non-diversifiable risk, expound the portfolio risk in two ways: mathematically first, and with practical examples, second It also explains lending and borrowing at the risk-free rate of return, in addition to juxtaposing the diversification method to measure the unsystematic risk against utilizing Beta to measure the systematic risk. Furthermore, it briefly examines the mathematical simulation and sensitivity analysis, and mathematically delineates the technique for choices under risk, ambiguity, and uncertainty. The practical implication of this conceptual paper is to offer a further clarification of theoretical terms, especially those which might be interchangeable in financial and economic literature, and further show, by examples, the terms’ applicability.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.