Business Model Construction from Dynamic Capabilities Perspective

  •  Xiong Wang    
  •  Sarana Photchanachan    


The construction of the business model is to shape the structure of various activities in the plate according to the task attributes and task objectives of each section in the business model. The Dynamic Capabilities of the enterprise determine the result of the construction of the business model, and its strength also affects the adaptation and operation of the business model institutions to the new business model. Enterprises with strong Dynamic Capabilities have a good execution ability in the business model architecture, and can also quickly adapt to the structural framework of changing their business model, and improve the feasibility of the actual operation of the business model. This paper will be in the framework of the Dynamic Capabilities theory, the construction of business model, through the case from model construction, design innovation to the coordinated operation of the new model, concluded that the two have a strong interaction, including the enterprise higher-order Dynamic Capabilities has a strong positive influence on the choice of business model, construction and application.

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