Achieving Long Term Sustainability through Green Process Innovation: A Study on Small Packaging Companies in the UK

  •  Fasih Khalid    


Packaging is increasingly considered as dominating environmental issue in the last two decades and has forced many global businesses to reconsider the true function of their packaging. Manufacturing flexibility and efficiency are considered highly competitive for industrial success. However, several packaging organizations are trying to see the packaging problem from the aspect of sustainability and in the 21st century, the word “green” and sustainability have become essential adjectives for the packaging industry. To maintain environmental impact and sustainability together, packaging has required clear directions to address challenges, while addressing environmental issues that result from packaging waste. Packaging operations for small firms is a costly and timely endeavour and there is no crystal-clear guideline for small firms to get the most from their existing processes. Green process innovation is seen as an efficient solution that can help society and businesses to deal with environmental problems but green process innovation popularity among researchers is not prominent. With having very little information on green process innovation this research considers various elements to bridge the sustainable framework. Based on the analysis this research identifies the key implementations and develops a framework of sustainable green process innovation. This research also discusses the limitations and provide greater insight on the implementation of green process innovation in the small packaging business.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.