Analysis of the Dynamic Landscape of Scientific Innovation in the Chip Domain

  •  Jianqi Mao    
  •  Xiaxia Guo    


Chip is the core of the electronic information industry, and its current "neck" phenomenon is rooted in the failure to keep up with basic research. This study aims to provide a clear landscape of the dynamics of scientific innovation in the chip domain. Specifically, this study uses bibliometrics, social network analysis, and SPLC algorithm-based master path analysis to analyze spatial and temporal trends, collaboration characteristics, knowledge flows, and mainstream research paths through the global output of scientific paper in the field of the chip. The results show that the scientific output in this field has grown significantly, the network size is expanding, a few countries/regions and organizations are in the main position of chip science innovation, and the research themes on the mainstream research paths are concentrated in chip manufacturing. The study can provide lessons for researchers, policymakers, and research funders.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.