The “New Generation” High-tech Enterprise's Early Warning Model and Its Empirical Research Based on the Perspective of Organizational Commitment Theory

  •  Huabai Bu    
  •  Jiaqi Bu    
  •  Naifu Shi    
  •  Lingli OuYang    
  •  Jingyi Wang    


With the continuous advancement of emerging technologies such as big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and 5G communications, China's “new generation” high-tech companies are developing rapidly, but the loss of core employees restricts their healthy development. How to manage the core employees of “new generation” high-tech enterprises is a grim reality in front of theorists and industrialists. Based on the results of the current theoretical research on organizational commitment, the research group proposed a “new generation” high-tech enterprise core employee resignation early warning model to provide decision-making basis and methodological reference for the “new generation” high-tech enterprise high-quality development.

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