Study on the Strategy of Constructing Compliance Management System in Large State-owned Logistics Enterprises

  •  Liu Zhongmin    


In order to promote the all-round compliance management in central enterprises, accelerate the management improvement in accordance with law, and strive to construct the central enterprises under the rule of law to ensure the sustainable and sound development, on November 2,2018, the SASAC issued the “Central Enterprise Compliance Management Guidelines((Trial), Subsequently, the local SASAC also issued relevant guidance documents, such as on December 28,2018, the Shanghai SASAC issued the “Shanghai SASAC Supervision Enterprise Compliance Management Guidelines (trial)”. As for a large state-owned logistics enterprise, the daily operation and management involves various links and wide range, the establishment of compliance management system is particularly significant. This paper takes SASAC's guidelines as the criterion, carries out analysis on the previous management compliance and process control, the post-management risk identification and risk control, prevention and pre-warning, etc., combing the process and organizational structure of compliance management system construction, so as to build a complete compliance management system framework, and finally put forward effective recommendations and measures for compliance management in large state-owned enterprises.

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