Exploring Factors that Influence Academics’ Knowledge Sharing Behaviour in Higher Education Institutions

  •  Ashwaq Rushud Al Rushud    


This study explores the organisational and individual factors that influence knowledge sharing behaviour among UK universities’ academics. Furthermore, the research also aims to provide recommendations on how knowledge sharing can be promoted. Few studies have been conducted to explore Knowledge Sharing behaviour in the context of higher education institutions. This research sheds light on the factors that influence knowledge sharing behaviour in higher learning institutions.

Data for this research were collected from sixteen academics from four UK universities using semi-structured interviews and snowball sampling technique. The interview data was thematically analysed using Nvivo12 software. The interviews reveal that there is a positive attitude among academics toward knowledge sharing. Furthermore, there are several factors (organisational and individual) affecting knowledge sharing behaviour, such as unsupportive leadership, lack of facilities and lack of an effective rewards system.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.