Trends of Administrative and Academic Leadership towards Achieving Governance, An Applied study ‎in Official Jordanian Universities in Southern Jordan

  •  Ghazy A. Al-Badayneh    


is study aimed at analyzing the trends of administrative and academic leaders towards achieving governance in the official Jordanian universities in southern Jordan. To achieve the objectives of the study, a questionnaire was developed covering the study variables, it was distributed to the study population consisting of administrative and academic leaders in three official universities in southern Jordan, which is Mutah, Al-Hussein Bin Talal, and Tafila Technical), who were (904) employees, the study sample was selected in a random, stratified proportional method of (452) respondents forming (50%) of the study population. Descriptive and analytical statistical methods were used, using the statistical package (SPSS.16), the study reached a set of results including the following: That the Mean of the respondents 'perceptions of the dimensions of the administrative and academic leadership trends in public universities in southern Jordan had a high degree, and that the Mean of the respondents' perceptions of the governance dimensions in public universities in southern Jordan had a high degree. The study results showed a statistically significant positive relationship between the independent variable (leadership trends) and its various dimensions and the dependent variable (governance) and its various dimensions. The study revealed many recommendations, including: Paying attention to continuous training of leaders on understanding administrative activity, especially in the field of leadership behavior in universities to activate the role of leaders in these universities, spreading and strengthening governance culture among their employees as it will be reflected in the decisions of the institution, in turn on its performance.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.