Role of Computerized AIS Applications in Preserving Organizational Financial Performance during COVID19: Moderating Role of Accountants' Experience

  •  Firas Hashem    


Current study aimed at examining the role of AIS application in preserving financial performance of organizations during COVID19 pandemic. Depending on quantitative approach, study utilized a questionnaire built on likert scale which was distributed on (109) individuals within Jordanian organizations. Results of study indicated that accounting information systems contributed to the continuous follow-up and knowledge of the financial performance of the organizations during the pandemic period, which in turn supported the principle of correct and quick decision-making that is in the interest of shareholders, working individuals and customers by taking precautionary measures to ensure that the organization does not reach financial insolvency in view of financial data that together constitute the informational outputs of accounting information systems. This support was backed up with the moderating variable of accountants' experience, experience in this case managed to help accountants predict the coming situations and help the organization overcome the obstacles based on their previous experiences in similar situations. Study recommended the necessity of activating risk management strategies by organizations when facing crises and epidemics

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.