Effects of Innovation Education and Corporate Needs -Analysis Using Bayesian Network

  •  Tsuyoshi Aburai    
  •  Kazuhiro Takeyasu    


This paper offers a clarification of the skills required for innovation talent by comparing the effect of innovation in education at Tokushima University and the talent requirement of companies. The researchers performed the questionnaire investigation with the use of the 19 items of The Innovator’s DNA Skill Assessment. Both the basic statistical analysis and Bayesian Network analysis were conducted based on the resulting data. The sensitivity analysis was performed after building the Bayesian Network Model. The evidences are set to “skeptical thinking”, “taking risks”, and “creativity” in the item of mind. The calculation of the odds ratio reveals that enhancing the Observation skill and Skill to Plan and Design is effective in improving skeptical thinking and creativity.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.