Potentiality of Islands Based Tourism in Bangladesh: A Qualitative View from Existing Literature

  •  Sanjoy Kumar Roy    
  •  Muhammad Abdus Salam    
  •  SM Nazrul Islam    
  •  Md. Al-Amin    


The research project is mainly developed to emphasize the development of potential areas in Bangladesh especially in the islands where the tourism sector can be incorporated to act as an income generator alongside the traditional earning opportunities. To place our thoughts of this emerging sector in island areas, we had reviewed some of the works from the earlier researchers of different regions of the world worked on different islands’ tourism developments. The result of our findings after examining those works by the researchers will provide us a clear understanding of how tourism can bring balance among environment, local community, and economy of the island areas of Bangladesh which can eventually ensure sustainability. There will be some recommendations as well as policies for enacting this new industry in the island areas in Bangladesh in the last section.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.