The Influence of Allocating the Residual Value of MSMEs’ Cluster on the Growth of MSMEs and the Cluster Based on the Theory of Structural Hole

  •  Suo Lu    


The objectives of this research were to explicate the influence mechanism between MSMEs and MSMEs’ clusters; to explicate the generation mechanism of cluster residual value, and to determine whether there is a significant effect of structural hole on allocating the residual value of MSMEs’ cluster.

The research was designed as quantitative research and used survey questionnaires to collect data from 475 entrepreneurs or senior managers of MSMEs. After passing the validity (KMO) and reliability (Cronbach’s Alpha) tests, the correlations between independent and dependent variables have been examined by Pearson Correlation. Then One-Way ANOVA was employed for further specifying the causal direction of correlation between variables. The findings of this research showed that there are positive correlations between cluster’s value and growth of MSMEs; between structural hole and allocation of cluster’s residual value; between structural hole and growth of cluster. In addition, structural hole as a moderating variable effect on the relationship between cluster’s value and growth of MSMEs significantly.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.