Information and Communication Technology and Growth in the Dominican Republic Microbusinesses

  •  Marina Ortiz-Medina    
  •  Gonzalo Maldonado-Guzmán    


There is a growing concern on the part of researchers, academics and professionals in business and management sciences, to find those variables that have a greater degree of influence on the level of growth of microenterprises, and within the various existing variables In current literature, information and communication technologies (ICTs) seem to be the variable that generates the most positive effects on microenterprises, both in developed and developing countries. Therefore, the essential objective of this empirical study is to analyze the relationship between the adoption and use of ICTs of microenterprises located in the Dominican Republic and their level of growth, for which a sample of 1,199 microenterprises was considered. The results obtained show that ICTs have a significant positive relationship in the level of microbusiness growth.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.