The Impact of Business Intelligence on Strategic Performance in Commercial Banks Operating in the Sate of Kuwait

  •  Hamad Salem Al-Merri    


This study aimed to identify the impact of business intelligence on strategic performance in commercial banks operating in the State of Kuwait the researcher used the descriptive analytical approach to introduce both business intelligence and strategic performance. The study population consisted of employees working in top and middle management in commercial banks operating in State of Kuwait. Stratified random sample amounting 363 subjects was used. 270 questionnaires were collected representing 74.3% of the total sample.

The study concluded that business intelligence system ensures data processing using data storage techniques and data extraction to obtain consistent and qualified information, thus providing the required knowledge to achieve the strategic goals and objectives by end users and executives in the future. The researcher recommends that Kuwaiti banks should keep pace with developments in the field of business intelligence to be employed in a better way in enhancing its strategic performance, in addition to conduct future studies that follow the analytical approach to deepen its utilization in Kuwaiti commercial banking sector.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.