Alleviation of Refugees COVID-19 Pandemic Risks- A Framework for Uncertainty Mitigation

  •  Mohamed Buheji    
  •  Bartola Mavrić    
  •  Godfred Beka    
  •  Tulika Chetia Yein    


The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the refugees has been a global concern where the possibility of its impact on the total life and livelihood is expected to be tremendous; unless drastic intervention programs are deployed in time of disaster.  This paper explores the three largest most vulnerable refugee groups facing the pandemic of COVID-19. The work was approached from a multidisciplinary perspective with the aim of observing the topic from various mindsets such as economy, social science, history, and culture so that a holistic solution can be proposed. 

Refugees’ variables of uncertainty are examined during both the literature review and the case study. Then the formula of uncertainty is developed, based on the synthesis of both the cases and literature. The uncertainty is then mitigated and eliminated while talking about the risks of the COVID-19, and its potential spread. Finally, a generic framework is proposed so that the refugees not only are protected, but believe that they can have alternative solutions as they come out of the crisis. The paper brings in lots of implications to the international funding agencies, the refugees hosting countries and the local NGOs in the ground; beside the refugees themselves.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.