The Impact of Workplace Spirituality on Employee Performance: Evidence from Abu Dhabi University

  •  Ahmed Ebrahim Mousa    


The aim of this paper is to argue that workplace spirituality may have an impact on enhancing the performance of employees. Hence, it focuses on the ways through which workplace spirituality can boost performance.

The paper proposes a theoretical model regarding the links between five elements of workplace spirituality (team’s sense of community, alignment between organizational and individual values, sense of contribution to the community, sense of enjoyment at work and opportunities for the inner life) and employee performance. The theoretic model is then tested empirically using a spiritual modelling partial least squares analysis of a survey data set of 145 observations, collected from members of the Abu Dhabi University community.

The presence of workplace spirituality in an organisational environment is considerably connected to employee performance. An interesting observation made from this study is that there is a significant variance in employee performance as a function of an employee position.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.