Social Networking Brand Engagement using Creative Brand Content Experiences

  •  Khaw Ooi San    
  •  Abu Bakar Sade    
  •  Linda Seduram    


In today’s environment, societies are free to create and browse online content; marketers therefore to face vexing challenges in drawing expressive social media users to engage with their brands. This current group of users display postmodernism characteristics; i.e. need more for subjective experiences to achieve self-realization. Hence, the creation of consumer brand engagement among expressive social media societies is through content that should be able to provide these experiences. However, there is lack research study on this trend. The objective of this study was to evaluate  passive experiential content that users perceived as novelty emotions (i.e. perceived creativity) that leads to intrinsic state of engagements (i.e. cognitive engagement and affective engagement) and to intentional engagement (the activation of willingness of brand clicking activities in social media). This, in turn, creates an advantage for the marketers because from this process if users engage the chances of building a long-term consumer brand engagement relationship is higher. This research study was done on 25-34 year-old Malaysian active expressive social media users who utilised expressive social media sites on a daily basis for at least 3 hours as the sample population from whom to collect data and administer a questionnaire survey with a still image as stimulus using social networking messaging platforms. Data analysis was conducted using IBM SPSS and IBM AMOS software and results showed positive significant relationship within all the 7 constructs which were functional appeal, emotional appeal, vividness, perceived creativity, cognitive engagement, affective engagement and intentional engagement.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.