The Effects of Financial Education on Financial Literacy in Italy

  •  Gian Paolo Stella    
  •  Umberto Filotto    
  •  Enrico Maria Cervellati    
  •  Elvira Anna Graziano    


This study assesses whether participation in financial education programmes has a positive effect on financial literacy. To pursue this goal, we conducted an online survey in March 2019. The sample comprised 918 Italian adults aged 30 to 91. We asked respondents if they had participated in financial education programmes during school or university years. The results show the effectiveness of participating in financial education programmes, as the rate of correct responses to financial literacy questions was higher for those who had completed one of the above-mentioned programmes than for those who did not. In addition, those who participated in a financial literacy programme during university years gave more correct answers compared to those who participated in one of these programmes during school (non-university) years.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.