The Impact of Stakeholders on the Achievement of the Projects Within Malian Firms: Case of SODEMA

  •  Tiédian Fané    
  •  Toumani Bagayoko    


This study highlights the impact of stakeholders on achievement of projects. The recommendations should be used as guideline for Malian projects.

The quantitative and qualitative methods, primary data collected by questionnaires and interviews are used. Secondary data are gotten from articles, journals and online resources. The research framework was analyzed using simple regression models. Hypothesis test is adopted to accept or reject the hypotheses formulated in this research. Excel software have been used to perform regression statistics, predicting with the regression equation, Hypothesis test for correlation, ANOVA table and Regression equation plot.

The results suggest that stakeholders have significant impact on achievement of projects. Stakeholders have a positive impact on achievement of projects is valid hypothesis. This study makes several contributions to research and theory of key stakeholders and achievement of projects. A greater understanding of stakeholders and achievement of projects provided further investigation of the relationship between of stakeholders and achievement of projects. This model can be used by other project for its achievement. Through the use of this model, project can quickly identify stakeholders requiring special and urgent attention.

SODEMA industry needs improvement in communication with stakeholders. The theoretical model developed in this study is applicable in practice.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.