Form the Optimal Investment Portfolio Applied Study in the Jordanian Banking Sector (2013-2017)

  •  Suleiman Daood Al-Oshaibat    


The study aimed to form the optimal investment portfolio in the Jordanian banking sector. The research covered a period (2013-2017) and the sample of the study was selected from its community of Jordanian banks listed on the Amman Stock Exchange, consisting of (15) working banks for which the necessary data are available to study.

The importance of the research lies in the formation of a thought and methodology that can be applied and utilized by investors and securities analysts in the management of their investment portfolio.

The study shows that the effective rate of return is higher than the required rate of return in the Jordanian commercial banks. This indicates that the commercial banks have succeeded in their estimates of the required or actual rate of return for the optimal investment portfolio banks. the correlation matrix between returns on each bank in the investment portfolio is mostly low, which confirms that the investment portfolio of Jordanian banks is efficient, as Markowitz stressed on his focus on the correlation coefficient between returns and its impact on the return and risk of the optimal investment portfolio that achieve the highest return at a certain level of risk.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.