Hotel-Related Factors and Employee Performance "The Case of Jordanian Four Star Hotels"

  •  Ashraf Mohammad Alfandi    


The study addresses the challenge of employee performance (EP) at the four-star hotels in Jordan by focusing on how hotel-related factors influencing EP. Multiple regression was used to predict EP and explain the impact of five predictors that are organization culture (OC), organization structure (OS), manager attitude (MA), empowerment (EM), and training culture (TC). A correlation was used to compare the relationship between study variables. The results of multiple regression indicated that EM was the strongest predictor of EP followed by MA, and TC, whereas OS and OC found to not influence the EP. Overall interrelations among the independent variables showed a positive strong relationship and positively related to EP. Based on the study findings, several recommendations are offered. Finally, the implications for management are discussed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.