The Role of Business Intelligence in Crises Management: A Field Study on the Telecommunication Companies in Jordan

  •  Arwa Hisham Rahahleh    
  •  Majd Mohammad Omoush    


The field of business intelligence and crisis management currently became have become important issues that organization should be concerned about. The aims of the research is to identify the concepts of business intelligence (BI) and crisis management and review the importance of business intelligence in business organizations through the following independent variables (data source - data stores - specialized data - analytical processing- Data and data mining) and its impact on the crisis management stages ( pre-crisis phase, during the crisis phase and post-crisis phase) in the Jordanian telecommunications companies. The study population consisted of employees of the Jordanian telecommunications companies. A simple random sample was selected, to whom (130) questionnaires were distributed and 120 questionnaires were retrieved. The study relied on the descriptive analytical approach (SPSS as statistical analysis). The research concluded that there is a positive significant impact between business intelligence and management crisis in the Jordanian business organizations. This indicates to the interest of these organizations in the tools of business intelligence, especially with regard to the analytical processing of data based on a secure and integrated system in the work environment to manage organization crises.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.