Scientific Production Indexed in the Web of Science Basis in the Energy Management Area: A Bibliometric Analysis

  •  Edenis Cesar de Oliveira    
  •  Nilton Cezar Carraro    


The study aimed to analyze publications in the field of energy management study. To this end, a search was carried out on the Web of Science from 1999 to 2019, searching for articles that contained in its title the keyword “Energy Manag*”. After filtering all documents, excluding those presented at conferences, 5,512 documents were obtained. We chose to analyze only documents in the “articles” mode, leaving a total of 4,610. From 2007 the growth was quite significant in the number of publications. There is a predominance of the English language. Of the top ten authors with the largest number of publications, six are linked to educational / research institutions located in China, which also ranks first in the ranking of countries with the highest number of publications. “Energies”, “Applied Energy” and “Energy” journals rank first, second and third respectively. The h-index index of publications is 111, while the h-index index of the ten best-ranked authors is 40. When compared to other studies with relative similarity, there is exponential growth in China, both number of publications, and authors linked to Chinese institutions, which, it is believed, should be the trend for the next years in this and other fields of study.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.