Research on the Relationship Between Job Competence and Job Well-Being in Service Industry—Based on the Mediating Effect of Job Insecurity

  •  Yan-Hua Diao    
  •  Chun-Shuo Chen    


This paper takes 328 questionnaires of supervisors and employees in the service industry as samples and verifies the mechanism of the relationship between job competence and job well-being from the perspective of mediating effect of job insecurity and moderating effect of perceived organizational support. The results show that job competence has a significant positive impact on job well-being, the stronger job competence is, and the higher job well-being will be. And the positive effect of job competence on job well-being is mediated by job insecurity. Job competence has a positive effect on job insecurity, job insecurity has a significant negative effect on job well-being,and perceived organizational support moderates the relationship between job insecurity and job well-being, with the increase of perceived organizational support, the negative influence of job insecurity on job well-being decreased. It provides new ideas for the service industry to strengthen care and support for employees to reduce job insecurity, improve employee happiness and motivate employees.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.