The Effect of Using Six Sigma Approach in Improving the Quality of Health Services in the Jordanian Ministry of Health

  •  Ramzi Mubarak Al-tarawneh    


This research aimed to examine the effect of using the Six Sigma approach with its sub-variables (management commitment and support, feedback and measurement, continuous improvement, processes and systems, human resources) on improvement quality of health services with its sub-variables (response, reliability tangibility) at Jordanian Ministry of Health ,at the top management level , to achieve the study objectives, a questionnaire was designed which consists of (48) items , used for collecting primary data from study sample (57) participant of top management level at the Ministry of Health, Accordingly the data were collected, analyzed, and hypotheses were tested using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS), other statistical methods were used to achieve the study, The study finding revealed that: "There are a statistically significant impact at the level of significance (P≤0.050) of the Sigma Six standards and its sub -variables on the improvement of the Health services quality which presented ,by the Jordanian Ministry of Health, Based on such results the researcher recommended a number of recommendations, the most important one are :The Ministry of Health should introducing Sigma Six concept , standards, and implementing it at the top level management, and training all the employees at top management on sigma six, linking Sigma Six standards to ministry strategies, and provide all the necessary for that.

Conducting further studies that will show the positive effects of Six Sigma standards application in reducing the financial costs for health services ,and working to applying these standards to the human resources management functions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.