Can a Leader’s Positive Evaluation Improve Occupational Satisfaction of Employees? —— Based on the Empirical Investigation of a Real Estate Enterprise G Province Branch

  •  Chengmeng Zhang    
  •  Meiqing Leng    
  •  Shuting Xu    


Employees are the creators of corporate benefits. The level of occupational satisfaction is directly related to the performance of employees and the survival and development of enterprises. Through the analysis of the questionnaire data of 538 employees of the B group G province branch, it is found that the employee's "self-efficacy" is the most affecting the occupational satisfaction of the real estate employees if and only if all the variables work together on the employee occupational satisfaction. There is no significant correlation between "employee and leadership and co-worker relationship", "leading positive evaluation of employees" and occupational satisfaction. The results show that as a new type of enterprise entity, real estate enterprises should pay attention to the incentives for employee performance, continuously promote the management system to be scientific and reasonable, and achieve the organizational recognition of employees and the improvement of occupational satisfaction.

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