Industrial Development and Combating Unemployment in Arab Countries

  •  Hussein TRABULSI    


This research aims to find economic and social solutions through the development of industry in the Arab countries after suffering, for decades, from the lack of interest in order to achieve industrial development and social security, where most of the Arab experiences failed or did not succeed compared to many experiences in the emerging industrial countries.

This research addresses the reasons for this failure to achieve industrial development and its effects on economic and social development and contribute to solve the problem of unemployment in most Arab countries. It also contributes to find solutions for industrial development and social security through some proposals. The results of this study also confirmed the existence of policies focusing on the extractive industries, while the manufacturing industries should be interested in achieving industrial development, reducing the unemployment rate and advancing industrial development.

The statistical approach and the descriptive and analytical approach were adopted to approach and address the problem of unemployment in the Arab world, which is one of the highest in the world. In the research summary, the importance of investment in the field of manufacturing industries, which depends on the human density, so that the greatest possible number of job opportunities can be created, thus contributing to addressing this problem which threatens the security and stability of most Arab countries. Investment in the food industry, furniture industry and other light manufacturing industries can be a solution to the phenomenon of unemployment in the Arab world, in contrast to industries with a capital density associated with extractive industries.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.