Linking Motivation to Employees’ Performance: the Mediation of Commitment and Moderation of Delegation Authority

  •  Eric Irakoze    
  •  Kashosi Gad David    


This study explores the roles of commitment and delegation authority respectively as a mediator and moderator to evaluate the impact of motivation on employee performance. A survey conducted with 180 employees as participants at OTB (Burundi Tea Office) from 4 tea factories located at Ijenda, Teza, Tora and Rwegura helped to assess the effect motivation has on employees’ performance. The correlation and regression analysis in SPSS was supported to evaluate the hypotheses of this research.  The results reveal that there is a positive significance correlation between motivation and performance of employees. The outcomes from regression analysis express that commitment and delegation authority as mediator and moderator respectively have an impact on the relationship between motivation and performance of employees. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.